About The Firm

Officially founded by Mr. Wijaya Suhendra, S.H., M.S, a Northeastern and Gadjah Mada University Graduate; an Attorney at Law who is registered at PERADI since 2006. Wijaya Suhendra & Partners is an Independent, Integrated, Trustworthy and Strategic Law Firm who provides high quality, aggressive, convenient, dynamic and innovative service to our highly reputed national and international clients. At Wijaya Suhendra and Partnes (WS&P), we work and endeavour closely and continuously to understand our clients’ needs so we can provide them with the best legal service possible. We aim to exceed their expectations at every turn. We maintain the excellence and continual professional growth of our lawyers in mastering different areas of law, especially Investment, Corporate, Labor, Intellectual Property, Property, Resources and Infrastructure, Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal Due Diligence, Construction, International Trade, Commercial Contracts, and Civil and Criminal Litigation. With our deep experience, strong dedication, and long-term commitment, we present you our best quality legal services in timely and cost-sensitive representation.

We are bunch of young, dynamic, energetic lawyers, we have been supporting various business since early 2000. Our vast expertise and experiences allow us to support from small and medium enterprise to multinational corporates. While doing the best for our client we want to contribute and give impact to the world.

私達は若く、ダイナミック、活気のある弁護士であり、2000年代初めから様々なビ ジネスをサポートしてきました。私達の広範な専門知識及び経験により、中小企業 や多国籍企業へのサポートします。依頼者の利益を最大化しつつ、私達は世界に貢 献や影響をします。

Japan Desk - 日本デスク

We established Japan Desk to help our growing Japanese clients. Our team consist of Japanese speaking member, experiencing in assisting various business for Japanese companies doing business in Indonesia. In order to minimize language barrier our dedicated team able to assists your businesses nor projects in Indonesia in bilingual Japanese and Indonesia. We will do our most effort to make your experience as the same as in Japan.

成長している日系企業のクラインとを最良でサポートするため日本デスクを開設し ました。インドネシア国内ビジネスを最良サポートするため、様々日系企業をアシ ストを経験を有している方により構成されています。 2ヶ国語により言葉の壁を最小化にし、日本国内のようなビジネスできるようにサ ポート致します。



Wijaya Suhendra & Partners are regularly instructed by large international banks as well as local banks (including several state-owned banks), insurance companies, bancassurance joint ventures, and other financial institutions. In addition to our experience in syndicated lending, we also regularly advise clients in connection with export credits, refinancing, and debt restructuring.
We do documentation on commercial, syndicated, and other types of loans to provide the lender and borrower the assurance that its rights and obligations will be secured and protected by the laws and regulations. We also assist clients in corporate finance in issuing bonds (convertible and exchangeable), notes (Floating Rate Notes - FRN or Medium-Term Notes - MTN), and other debentures.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners are well-positioned to advise issuers, underwriters, financial institutions, and investment banks on both private and public offerings. We assist and advise issuers, underwriters, and investors involved in both the Indonesian and the international capital markets. We assist our clients to prepare for, and execute, IPOs and rights issues, exchangeable and convertible bonds, warrants and other commercial paper transactions, employee stock option plans, and mutual funds.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners has represented investors, lenders, and creditors in Indonesia. We offer comprehensive service through critical thinking and advice. The scope and depth of our legal practice enable us to advise clients considering strategic investments in distressed assets, debt restructurings, and complex recapitalization schemes.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners are familiar with the bankruptcy laws and processes in the court. Several cases that we were involved in include applying for self-bankruptcy and being sued in conjunction with the client’s inability to service its debts. Familiarity with the laws and court process would get the issue resolved on time.
We also provide advice on Bankruptcy Law and proceedings in the Commercial Court, representing clients both as creditor or debtor in bankruptcy applications in the Commercial and Supreme Courts, and have had considerable experience representing clients at creditor meetings during periods of suspension of payments and bankruptcy.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners handle various types of M&A transactions including share and asset acquisitions, spin-offs, divestments, joint ventures, and strategic partnership transactions. We advise on all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and spin-offs, including process, structuring and regulatory issues, regulatory filings and notifications, comprehensive due diligence exercises, land title issues, antimonopoly and unfair trading matters, and pension and employment issues and preparing all legal documentation until the merger of acquisition is completed.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners advises and assists national and multinational energy and natural resources companies, including mining, oil and gas, power, and water companies, to acquire interest and operate successfully in projects in Indonesia. We can assist the client to structure, acquire, carry out legal due diligence, legal documentation, permitting, licensing and implement projects and manage their investment in cost efficient as possible.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners provides solutions, advice and representation for all investors, whether foreign or local, private or public. From bankers and stockbrokers through to manufacturers, retailers, traders and miners, and everything in between, investors require a comprehensive understanding of what it means to do business in Indonesia.
It is our duty and responsibility to mitigate risks and secure the rights of our client with regards to their investment in Indonesia by carrying out research and legal due diligence on our client’s future business partner.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners provides a wide range of services to clients in the insurance industry, including general and life insurance companies, insurance brokerage, reinsurance, and insurance supporting companies. The firm advises on various insurance matters including Indonesian insurance law, bancassurance, agency, brokerage, channels of sales and distribution, compliance with insurance regulations, and reporting to the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK).


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners helps the clients to stay up to date on the latest developments by advising on these and other competition law issues.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners assists clients to establish and carry on business in Indonesia. We assist and advise multinational corporations on the structuring and establishment of companies in a wide range of commercial sectors. We are competent in the process of drafting the documentation concerning the establishment of companies, processing business licenses, applying for certain special permits, in order to support the operation of the company. We represent public and private companies, manufactures, distributors and agent, on a variety of transactions in all industries.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners provides representations to local, international, and state-owned companies, which experience in employment law ranges from litigation in simple HR-related matters to cases of contested termination, strikes, discrimination, unfair labor practices, and employment disputes.
We can help you in providing clear legal opinions and solutions to your complex problems. We can provide you with legal information that you require concerning the current laws and regulations. Our services in this field include drafting and negotiations of employment contracts, drafting company regulations, terminations of employment, drafting anti-competition contract post-employment, labor and employment in insolvency or bankruptcy cases and we also provide training in labor law issues.
We also have experience in negotiating with employees and labor unions, handling client cases at Industrial Relations Court, and dealing with the Indonesian Manpower Office.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners are capable of advising on the whole gamut of Indonesian intellectual property laws and across the entire life cycle of your intellectual property assets and is highly experienced in dealing with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights, the primary regulatory agency for intellectual property in Indonesia. We also have a strong trademark practice, including clearing, registration, and licensing.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners has substantial media practice and familiarity with many aspects of the fintech, e-commerce, and digital economy industries in all matters relating to the licensing, establishment, financing, and operation of domestic and foreign media, IT, and telecommunications firms. We regularly advise clients on the regulatory aspects of the latest technological developments.
Our expertise includes preparing, reviewing, and negotiating contracts and service agreements with both local and international IT vendors. We also provide legal advice for clients on IT software, products and services, and digitalization projects.


Wijaya Suhendra and Partners has significant experience in drafting and negotiating leasehold arrangements, the structuring of strata title projects and assisting clients with investing in the property development business. We advise, negotiate, and prepare contracts for all types of real estate/property developments and transactions.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners advise and assist on tax regulations, individual or corporate tax compliance, and tax dispute resolution. We used to develop optimal suggestions and solutions to any corporate tax concerns and needs. Our lawyers will work with you to make sure your tax objectives receive the best possible chance of success.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners are familiar with Indonesia’s transportation laws and regulations (including aviation, shipping, railways, and roads). We have substantial experience in dealing with all aspects of aircraft leasing and financing as well as representation work, including GSA arrangements.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners has supported the development, construction, financing, acquisition, ownership and operation of infrastructure projects, as well as infrastructure companies, at the national and international level.
We also regularly act for potential investors in public tenders for major infrastructure development projects.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners has supported the development, construction, financing, acquisition, ownership and operation of infrastructure projects, as well as infrastructure companies, at the national and international level.
We also regularly act for potential investors in public tenders for major infrastructure development projects.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners are qualified to represent the clients at the district court, high court, and supreme court of the Republic of Indonesia or other dispute settlement institutions in Indonesia such as the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI), Indonesian Capital Market Arbitration Board or abroad such as Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) and others.
We assist our client in analyzing and discussing the case, preparing demand letters, gathering all evidence including finding related previous court judgments or decisions and proposing expert witnesses to strengthen the case, filing a lawsuit, and representing the client at court proceedings.


Wijaya Suhendra & Partners advise on risk management strategies and on the interpretation and application of different national and regional environmental regulations, including forestry issues of the acquisition and use of land and resources, and issues related to waste. We have extensive experience in defending clients who have been prosecuted for alleged environmental offenses.

Our Team

Wijaya Suhendra, S.H., M.S


(Founder & Managing Partner) (創業者・経営パートナー)

Wijaya received his Bachelor of Laws majoring in Civil Law from the University of Gajah Mada, and his Master of Science Northeastern University, Boston, USA.

Wijaya is a member of the Association of Indonesian Legal Consultants and the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). He holds an advocate license from PERADI, admitting him to practice throughout Indonesia.

He is experienced in the fields of labor, oil and gas, mining, property, anticorruption, telecommunications, forestry, foreign investment and general commercial and corporate law. He has also deep experience in handling litigation cases as well as criminal court and commercial dispute by arbitration and conducting alternative dispute resolution for dispute settlement.

Prior to establish WS&P, he was a head legal in PT. Aldevco, and associated with another prominent law firm in Jakarta.

Eka Rukmana


Eka is a Partner at Wijaya Suhendra & Partners. He graduated from Universitas Padjajajaran, majoring in civil law. He started his career as part of the intelligence unit in the Serang State Attorney, in charge of managing and handling whistleblower cases. He was a legal team at several companies; PT. Wira Esa Lintas and Bank Mega, specialized on handling labor disputes, fraud, and performance cases.

He completed advocate profession special education in 2016, and had experiences in litigation and non-litigation cases.

He speaks Bahasa and English.

Yuliani Sianturi


Yuliani obtained a law degree from the Faculty of Law, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman in 2021. During her time at the university, she was actively involved in legal and social studies organizations.

In addition, Yuliani has participated in and won several competitions, and received a scholarship competition in the humanitarian field.

Prior to working as a Associate at Wijaya Suhendra & Partner, Lawyer, he started working at a law firm in 2021. She has passed the Advocate Profession Exam. Now, she mainly works in General Corporate Matters, Litigation, and Legal Research.

She speaks both the language and English.

Zada Zamira


Zaza obtained a law degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Lampung in 2020. During her time at the university, she participated in several events such as the Internal Moot Court Competition FH Unila, the 2nd International Conference on Fundamental Rights, and awardee of a scholarship program from the Ministry of Research and Technology (Kemenristekdikti).

She begins her legal career in 2020 and now she works as a Junior Associate at Wijaya Suhendra & Partners.

Alvin Nainggolan


Alvin is our associate. He graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, majoring civil law. While completing his studies, he participated at Perfilma (an organization at University of Indonesia, with 200 members), as a President of the club, in charge of leading and supervising the organization’s operation and programs.

He speaks Bahasa and English.

Valdi Ryan

(Junior Associate)

Valdi Ryan is our junior associate. Valdi obtained a law degree from Faculty of Law at the Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jakarta. During his time at the university, he participated in Moot Court Competition in 2019. Valdi graduated with cumlaude predicate in early 2022. Valdi prior working as a Junior Associate at WSP, Valdi started working at the company. Valdi has an interest in business law. Valdi completed PERADI Advocate Profession Special Training (PKPA) on 2022.

He speaks Bahasa and English.

Muhammad Ferdi

(Junior Associate)

Ferdi is our junior associate. He graduated from Faculty of Law, Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta University, majoring civil law. During his study in law school, he has been involved in various legal research, legal memos drafting, and debt restructuring projects. He has also been involved in various project corporate restructuring and negotiation with foreign companies.

He speaks Bahasa and English.

Rifki Riando

(Junior Associate)

Rifki is our junior associate. He received his Bachelor of Laws majoring in Business Law from the University of Brawijaya. During his time at the university, he participated in various organization such as Asian Law Student Association (ALSA).

Moreover, Rifki has participated as delegates in 3 National Moot Court Competition (NMCC) throughout his years at the university, granted as the Best Judge (Pool A) of NMCC Piala Mahkamah Agung XXIII, and became the team leader of Brawijaya Delegates at NMCC Piala Mahkamah Agung XXIV.

Now at Wijaya Suhendra & Partners, he actively involved in Bankruptcy, M&A, General Corporate, and Litigation & Dispute Resolution.

He speaks both Bahasa and English.

Our Clients

PT Macmahon Indonesia - PT Indolima Perkasa - PT Aldevco - PT Puri Fadjar Mandiri - PT Berlitz Indonesia - William E Connor, Ltd - PT Budi Air Mas - PT Nanomart Sejahtera Indonesia - PT PentaChemicals Indonesia - PT Gadai Pinjam - PT Minerina Bhakti - PT Murakabi Bhakti Sejahtera - PT Holborn Indonesia - Individual Indonesian Citizen - Foreign Workers - And other Foreign Companies (Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China)